short quick zine i did for school

it would probably look better if you clicked the Full-screen thing at the bottom right corner of the viewport. enjoy!

note: obviously i don't have any super deep ideas behind this particular piece, and i hope you don't take it too seriously. it felt nice getting these ideas down on paper! it's been a wild ride going from an artist+games consumer to a game developer, and over the past couple years i've had a lot of feelings about acknowledging my identity as a "gamer". i finally feel like i'm at a place where i can talk about games from a place of genuine pride instead of uncertainty. anyway, making zines has been a great way to get stuff out of my system, and if you're interested in making+printing+distributing your own zines, go for it!

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Published Dec 12, 2016
Tagspersonal, queer, zine


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Great read. Really captures some of my own complicated feelings about the "gamer" label, which have become even more complicated over the past few years.