controls: mouse (left/right click), WASD/space

(no sound) self-indulgent first-person/3D mini exploration, solo project made in <32 hours for the Getty Game Jam 2016

concept: what if i could breach security and actually go through the Getty Garden maze? what would i find in these normally-inaccessible areas? what if i could have a dialogue with the works of art themselves, rather than boring placards? what if games/art made in response to art history wasn't so freaking boring and unappealing for those outside of the art-making sphere???

the Getty has some truly beautiful and evocative areas/opportunities... i'd like to thank Pokemon for giving me the imagination and curiosity that turned my cul-de-sac into an adventureland

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Published276 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, HTML5
Player countSingleplayer


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